• GLOMEDIC Cool packet mask GLOMEDIC Cool packet Koru Pharma
    What is the Glomedic cool modeling Mask? The Glomedic is a pore minimiser Ultra-efficient cryogenic facial mask with a mild cooling and freshening effect. It shrinks pores, improves the tone of tissues and instantly improves complexion removing any signs of fatigue. PORE MINIMISER
  • Mesohemp hemp seed oil face mask Mesohemp Hemp Seed Oil Mask
    What is a Mesohemp Face Mask? The Mesohemp face mask can be used every day to restore skin balance that has been affected by the environments of daily life. Quickly moisturises the skin and reduces wrinkles. Benefits
    • Moisturises the Skin
    • Balances Water-oil
    • Reduces Wrinkles
    • Firming Effect
  • GLOMEDIC Coenzyme Q10 packet mask Koru Pharma GLOMEDIC Coenzyme Q10 Mask
    What is the Coenzyme Q10 Anti-Aging modeling Mask? The Glomedic Coenzyme Q10 facial mask provides an intensive rejuvenating effect. It contains a concentrate of unique components with powerful dermo-restructuring properties. It lifts, strengthens and smoothes the skin preventing its ageing. ANTI-AGING
  • GLOMEDIC Brightening packet mask Koru Pharma GLOMEDIC Brightening packet Koru Pharma
    What is the Glomedic Brightening Modeling Mask? The Glomedic Brightening extra-effective clarifying mask makes the skin pearly white, clear, matte, and exquisitely smooth. Instant alignment of skin tone and texture. SKIN TONE IMPROVEMENT
  • What is a Cosmeceutical Mask? Dermaheal Cosmeceutical Mask Pack 22g with Growth Factor complex, an anti-aging, soothing, post professional therapy. Strong antioxidant that reduces free radicals and inhibits the aging of skin cells. Keeps skin radiant and velvety-soft by actively supplying nourishment. Increases collagen and elastin level and reduces blotchiness. Dermheal UK Distributor  Caregen UK Distributor  Buy Genuine Caregen Products Mesotreat is an Official UK Distributor of Dermaheal Products by Caregen. In Stock, Fast Delivery Available
  • GLOMEDIC Collagen packet mask Koru Pharma GLOMEDIC Collagen packet Koru Pharma
    What is the Glomedic Collagen Modeling Mask? The Glomedic Collagen mask is an intensive skin lift and restoration of skin elasticity. It instantly soothes, moisturises and lifts the skin reducing wrinkles and contouring the face. RESTORING SKIN ELASTICITY
  • Glomedic Charcoal Mask and Packet GLOMEDIC Charcoal packet Koru Pharma
    What is the Glomedic Charcoal Mask? The Glowmedic Charcoal Mask is a cleansing facial mask with efficient detoxifying and absorbing properties. It deeply cleans the skin, shrinks pores making the face look fresh, smooth and matte. CLARIFYING SKIN TREATMENT

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