Pink Glow by Koru Pharma is an advanced whitening cocktail indicated to lighten hyperpigmented areas of the skin and prevents formation of new imperfections on the face and body.

The benefits and features of Pink Glow are:

  • Moisturise & rejuvenate skin.
  • Depigment & brighten skin.
  • Control spot formation.
  • Promote skin radiance.
  • Nourish & hydrate for skin brightening.

How many sessions are required for Pink Glow treatment?
The mesotherapy treatment is carried out over a duration of 3 months which include; 6 treatment sessions in total. Each session takes up to 30 minutes. The more mature the skin, the more frequent treatments will be required.

  • 1st phase: 4 treatments every 7 to 15 days
  • 2nd phase: 2 treatments a month apart
  • 3rd phase: 1 treatment every 2 to 6 months